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Oni Press Challenged Over Nonpayment Allegations
Comic book editor, writer, artist, colourist and comic shop manager Christina Stewart, or Steenz, drew and coloured the graphic novel Archival Quality, published by Oni Press in 2018, writes and draws the daily comic strip Heart of the City, and has worked on comic books including Bountiful Garden, Quincredible, Cash & Carrie and next year's[...]
Steenz and Sattin Sell Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games
Comic book creators Samuel Sattin and Christina "Steenz" Stewart have just sold rights to their upcoming graphic history book, Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games to Weslie Turner at publishers Imprint, part of Macmillan Books, for publication in 2023. "Steenz" is an cartoonist and editor living in St Louis, Missouri, and a former clerk at Star Clipper[...]