Steenz and Sattin's Side Quest A Visual History of Role Playing Games

Comic book creators Samuel Sattin and Christina "Steenz" Stewart have just sold rights to their upcoming graphic history book, Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games to Weslie Turner at publishers Imprint, part of Macmillan Books, for publication in 2023.

"Steenz" is an cartoonist and editor living in St. Louis, Missouri, and a former clerk at Star Clipper Comics in St. Louis. She is known for co-creating the series Archival Quality with Ivy Noelle Weir, published by Oni Press, which saw them named winners of the 5th Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner and Ignatz-winning anthology Elements: Fire, Mine. She also recently took over the daily comic strip Heart of the City from Mark Tatulli. She was also an editor at Lion Forge Comics, where she worked on the first 12 issues of the comics and tabletop gaming magazine Rolled and Told until 2019, which all should make for excellent Side Quest research.

Samuel Sattin is a graphic novelist and writer of comics like Legend, Glint, Bezkamp, and The Silent End, as well as writing for Debial Perl: Digital Detective and being published at The Nib, The Atlantic, Nerdist, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, Paste Magazine, Salon, io9, Kotaku, Vulture, and more. He also holds an MFA in Comics from California College of the Arts.

Anjali Singh at Ayesha Panda Literary represented Stewart, while Dara Hyde at Hill Nadell Literary Agency represented Sattin, who writes graphic novels. She describes Side Quest as a graphic history of role-playing games that "traces their origins from ancient China and India, to Europe, all the way to the modern versions played today." Here's a little look ahead to what we can expect in three years' time.

Steenz and Sattin Sell Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games.
Steenz and Sattin Sell Side Quest: A Visual History of Role Playing Games. Art by Steenz.


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