Elvira's House of Horrors from Stern is spooktacular!

"Elvira's House Of Horrors" From Stern Is Spooktacular!

Elvira and pinball go hand in hand. In fact, the famous horror host has had three to date! Her first, Elvira and the Party Monsters was released by Midway Games in October of 1989. The second, Elvira Scared Stiff, dropped September of 1996 — and also from Midway. For her next machine, Stern Pinball has […]

Stern's new Stranger Things pinball will take users into the upside down

Stern's New "Stranger Things" Pinball Throws You Into The Upside Down

Stern Pinball is ready to take players into The Upside Down with their new Stranger Things pinball machine. Pinball fans across the internet have been speculating as to what Stern's newest machine is going to be, and finally we have our answer. Experience the terrifying forces in Hawkins, Indiana that turn this small town "upside […]

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Stern Blows Us Away With New Guardians Of The Galaxy Pinball Machine

Stern is the gold standard when it comes to pinball machines. I've played their machines for a long time, as has our own Baltimore Lauren. We held our inaugural Pinball Mania on their Star Wars machine at SDCC this past July. Someday I hope to own one in my home, but alas, I do not […]

The White Rose Gameroom Show Picture Gallery

A few weeks ago, while taking a break from Monster Mania, I took a 35 minute ride up to York, PA to check out the White Rose Gameroom Show. The yearly event features pinball machines from all eras, as well as bowling machines, pachinko, and more. There's even dealers that come and set up, making […]


Who Won Bleeding Cool's First-Ever Pinball Mania?!

As all of you know, I'm really into pinball. I play it, I own machines, I accept challenges from people who don't play it as much as I do — you know, the usual. For the past few months, Jeremy Conrad and I have been going back and forth trash talking about who the better […]

Stern Announces Star Wars Pinball Machine–Siths Protest In Anger

Stern has finally unveiled their newest pinball machine, and I'm actually pretty excited for it. Steve Ritchie's Star Wars Pinball will be released later this year. Currently there's only a video showing the machine off on the Star Wars Facebook page, and we have some screencaps from that to give you a good look while […]

Arcade Chaser: Lauren Visits The Stern Pinball Facility

This past weekend I got to spend time in Chicago for C2E2, but Chicago has a deeper meaning to me. If you've been following my posts, then you'll know that Chicago is the birthplace of pinball! So after my weekend at C2E2, I hopped in a car and went over to the Stern Facility in […]

Is Meg The Problem? Stern's Family Guy Pinball

If you're American, or are just aware of pop culture, you've heard of Family Guy. The Seth McFarlane show hit airwaves in 1999, and is currently one of the longest running sitcoms in American history. So it only makes sense that Stern would make a family guy pinball, which came out in 2007. The game […]

Trying out Stern's High Def Anti-Reflection Glass

According to the Stern website, their anti-reflection glass is supposed to block out any kind of reflection (mostly from the head of the machine) and it blocks 99% of UV rays. I don't really need help protecting my machines from UV rays since I tend to not put them outside nor do I place them […]

Hold The Door! Game Of Thrones Pinball By Stern

Everyone seems to love HBO's Game of Thrones, based on the books by George R.R. Martin. So Stern decided to cash in on this popularity and released their GoT pin back in 2015. The playfield was designed by pinball master Steve Ritchie (AC/DC, Spider-Man), and comes in pro, LE, and premium editions. There are differences to […]

Arcade Chaser: Kickback Pinball Cafe

Arcades at one point were an American past time. For a while they went out of style, being replaced with things like Dave and Busters and other all ages gambling places. But now there's been a renaissance going on where people (usually 30 something year olds) are opening up arcades, be they mixed with a […]

Magneto Wants Your Balls: X-Men Pinball

Comics and pinball have been in bed with each other since the 70's. The original Superman, Hulk and Spider-Man machines prove that. So it's no surprise that X-Men would get the pinball treatment. Created by Stern and designed by John Borg in 2012, X-Men offers both a pro and two types of LE: Magneto and […]

Finding Carl – The Walking Dead Pinball Machine

  It's safe to say I'm not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead. I read the first graphic novel and I've seen a handful of episodes, but it never really grabbed me. All that aside I did play this machine with an open mind. Stern released the machine in 2014 with a pro, LE […]

Flynn's Arcade Has Pinball: TRON Pinball

TRON was the first modern machine we ever had in my house. I've been lucky enough to play a number of variations of the game, and I honestly think this is one of Stern's finer machines. Created in 2011, there are 4 editions of the machine as well as a limited edition. Each edition comes […]

Enter The Pinball: Metallica Pinball

Pinball and rock go together like Jack and Coke. We can trace the correlation back to the greaser days of America, when pinball was as underground as rock and roll. I enjoy the rock pinball machines a great deal, such as Kiss and Rolling Stones. Stern's Metallica is a beast of a different nature though. […]

Wild Horses: Ford Mustang Pinball

Cars and pinball are as American as Coca-Cola and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sorry, I'm sleep deprived and can't think of anything more American. In 2014 Stern released the Mustang pinball machine to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang. I think they were hoping more Ford dealerships would buy machines to have in their showroom, […]

Back In Black: AC/DC Pinball

I love AC/DC. As a child my dad would play their music in our house exceptionally loud. This may be why my dad can't hear me when I'm talking to him, or he's ignoring me. Either or. So when Stern announced an AC/DC pinball machine, my dad went bananas. There's a few versions of this […]

Lauren Looks Back: The Early Years Of Pinball

As many of you probably figured out, I love pinball. I've been playing since I was a young kid, and that passion only grew as I got older. I'm also lucky that my dad is a pinball fan as well. In fact, I take after my dad in a lot of respects, especially with my […]

Megatron In Ball Form – Transformers Pinball

If you're not a fan of the Michael Bay Transformers franchise, you probably won't appreciate the fact that this machine is based on that version of Transformers. That being said, this is a wildly enjoyable game from Stern. There's a number of these floating around in the world, as Stern created a number of different […]