Finding Carl – The Walking Dead Pinball Machine


It's safe to say I'm not the biggest fan of The Walking Dead. I read the first graphic novel and I've seen a handful of episodes, but it never really grabbed me. All that aside I did play this machine with an open mind.


Stern released the machine in 2014 with a pro, LE and premium edition. Fundamentally the game is the same in all three versions. The pro and premium look almost the same, while the LE does have a different decal job (seen below) John Borg did a good job designing the game, with an industry standard 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 3 drop targets, and 2 ramps.


Since this is really a game about killing zombies, it's not without it's gross points. The Well Walker bash toy can be hit a few times, revealing its "guts". There's also a bashable zombie head. You can even buy a zombie head shooter rod for the machine, and a zombie topper. You know, if freaking out visitors to your house is your thing. Seriously, there are a number of mods you can get for this machine!

Overall I do enjoy this game. I like horror so the gross out factor doesn't bother me. I've seen games range from $5-8k depending on which you get, and they are not hard to find! Happy hunting!


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