Trying out Stern's High Def Anti-Reflection Glass

According to the Stern website, their anti-reflection glass is supposed to block out any kind of reflection (mostly from the head of the machine) and it blocks 99% of UV rays. I don't really need help protecting my machines from UV rays since I tend to not put them outside nor do I place them next to a window without blinds, but ok. I wanted to try it on my Batman 66 machine, since there is considerable glare from the top of the machine. For $239.99 it was an expensive gamble, but hey. All in the name of science I guess.

Unfortunately I neglected to get you a before pic, but it doesn't matter. Here's what their anti reflective glass looks like:


The glass doesn't do shit. You can see the back glass art clear as day. Parts of the playfield are still fuzzy. There are a number of other after market anti reflective glass out there that do a better job. Don't waste your money on Stern's. It doesn't do it's basic $240 job.

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