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Democrats including Congresswoman Jackie Speier claim that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sold shares of RatPac-Dune to Russian oligarch Len Blavatnik, says a report from ABC News. Speier accused Mnuchin of having a potential conflict of interest when it comes to the removal of Russian sanctions due to business dealings with Blavatnik, saying, "Given your business relationships with these[...]
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The bomb squad was called to the Los Angeles home of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this week to investigate a suspicious package sent to the government official and financier of such films as Lego Batman and Fox's X-Men franchise The gift-wrapped package was addressed to Mnuchin from "the American people," and after the year the[...]
Donald Trump Launches Subscription Box So Marvel Fans Can Give Him Money Directly
And if you've been supporting their products, in some cases for decades, that means that some portion of the money you paid, through a convoluted and indirect yet certain path, eventually made their way into the campaign coffers of President Donald Trump, or aided him in his quest for power in some way. Hear us out. Ike Perlmutter,[...]
Lego Batman Causes Trouble For Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
But it's Steven Mnuchin, who has helped finance projects such as Fox's X-Men movies, Suicide Squad, and, most recently, The Lego Batman Movie, scored the most lucrative position of all, as Trump's Secretary of the Treasury. It's that last film that landed Mnuchin in hot water this week when the government official told people at an media[...]