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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is Getting an Update Tuesday
Get ready for even more fighting content as Capcom will be sending a new update to Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on Tuesday, October 23rd Capcom released a few details over the weekend for updates coming to both the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 editions of the game, the majority of which are general fixes[...]
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Capcom Examines the History of the Street Fighter Alpha Series in Latest Video
A couple weeks ago we told you about Capcom's efforts to promote the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, which will be hitting consoles next week on May 29th The company is in the middle of promoting the game by doing retrospective videos on the previous games and talking about the history of Street Fighter as a[...]
Capcom Previews Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Training and Versus Mode
As part of the lead-up to Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection being released on May 29th, Capcom has started releasing more details as to how the game's different modes are going to work, including a new post today about both Versus Mode and Training. The company released a brand new blog entry today that goes over how[...]
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Brings Together 12 Games Under One Release
This could well be the one the community was waiting for. Capcom has announced Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection which will bring together all of the game's major releases between Street Fighter 1 to Street Fighter 3 Those 12 games are. Street Fighter Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting Super Street Fighter 2 Super Street[...]