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When Lewis Carroll - And Humpty Dumpty - Created The Portmanteau
If your thoughts incline ever so little towards fuming," you will say "fuming-furious;" if they turn, by even a hair's breadth, towards "furious," you will say "furious-fuming;" but if you have the rarest of gifts, a perfectly balanced mind, you will say "frumious." So next time you see discussions about the bromance of Stucky (two portmanteaus[...]
Why Marvel Should Really Publish A #STUCKY Comic After Secret Empire
While #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was a big thing, #Stucky, which specifically portmanteaus Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, is even bigger. So, we have a certain niche-but-committed fanbase that would really like a Stucky comic We have a publisher looking to redeem Captain America in socially concerned eyes And we have a system where you can publish multiple versions of[...]
When You Blindly Wander Into The Captain America/Bucky Hashtag #Stucky
The world of #Stucky… #Stucky is still my otp… but SOMEONE has to do BROCK for me *puppyeyes* — ♕ Kizaki (@kizakicosplay) May 30, 2015 Some #stucky adorableness Because that's why — Wicked Truth (@WickedMyst) May 29, 2015 В тему задорного костюмчика Кэпа #Stucky — Алёна Tro-lo-lo (@lucia_malfoy) May 21, 2015 Да-да-да-да!!! Именно так! #Stucky — Алёна[...]