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Drag Race s15e4
Round two (with the second batch of queens) consists of Amethyst as Tan Mom, Aura Mayari as Bretman Rock, Jax as the Mona Lisa, Loosey LaDuca as Joan Rivers, Sasha Colby as televangelist Jan Crouch, and the twins, Sugar and Spice as Trisha Paytas and Miley Cyrus respectively. Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Marcia Marcia Marcia, and Loosey[...]
Drag Race s15 Premiere: Queens, Chaos, and Ariana Grande
The second group consists of Salina EsTitties, Robin Fierce, Loosey LaDuca, Amethyst, Jax, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, and Drag Race's first double entrance, TikTok twins Sugar and Spice Again, Ornatia and her special guest walk through the iconic arch – and this time, it truly is Vivacious herself hidden inside the killer fit This group of[...]
Keith Giffen Revives Sugar & Spike As Private Dicks #DCJanuary
Announced courtesy of USA Today, in January, DC Comics are launching a number of new series, not what we previously referred to as "Big October." And new the news that Sugar & Spike, classic kiddie characters are all grown up. Keith Giffen's Sugar & Spike puts a grownup spin on Sheldon Mayer's popular comic-book toddlers of the 1950s and '60s. DC[...]