Super Bomberman R Archives

A listing on the Xbox store and Amazon has seemingly confirmed that Super Bomberman R is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June. Super Bomberman R did surprisingly well on the Nintendo Switch While it didn't set the world on fire critically, it sold pretty well It's been a while since a Bomberman game[...]
'Super Bomberman R' Gets New Content & Grand Prix Mode
Konami dropped a little surprise on fans this week whoa re still playing Super Bomberman R with a bunch of new characters and a few new modes to try out First off, the new mode is Grand Prix, where two teams of three characters duke it our in an esports environment to see who the better[...]
Konami Has "High Hopes For The Game's Industry" After A Strong First Quarter
In that context, there are high hopes for the game industry in various situations, including in offering new experiences through game contents as points of contact between customers and games." Which is pretty good news for Konami. A detailed breakdown of the performance of the gaming business mentions strong sales for mobile games, and robust continued[...]
Konami More Obsessed With Names Than Games
Konami is planning to have the latest Bomberman game available at launch, but the real news that's captivating everyone is that they seem more focused on letting you know what the name means than actually promoting the game and gameplay. credit//Konami In a Reddit article that's been gaining more traction this week, a Konami social media official[...]