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Nintendo Switch Red Blue
The console isn't alone though, as a sister system, the Super NES Classic Edition, made the list at #6, with Microsoft's Xbox One X coming in at #8. Other gadgets on the list include the Apple Watch 3, the Amazon Echo, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 You can read their full list here. Time Magazine just[...]
Nintendo To Bring Back The NES Classic Edition Next Summer
To help celebrate the release of the Super NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has made two significant announcements regarding their retro systems The first being that the SNES version will have a "higher volume of units" compared to the last, meaning that you might actually have the chance to buy one and not get scalped on[...]
Nintendo Releases Two Trailers For The Next Classic Editions
Pre-orders are still happening as we speak as you can purchase the Super NES Classic Edition for $80 on September 29, or at least until supplies run out again. It's really interesting to see how Nintendo presents itself and the products they make to the world Today, the company released two different trailers featuring two[...]
Nintendo To Put Super NES Classic Edition Up For Pre-Order In August
Depending on where you're searching for a pre-order for the Super NES Classic Edition, you're either already content with your purchase and are just waiting out the calendar, or you're terrified as hell while the days just keep ticking away to the end of September To relieve some of that burden, Nintendo themselves will be[...]
Walmart Kills Pre-Orders For Super NES Classic Edition
If you've been on the hunt for one of the Super NES Classic Editions through cheaper retailers like Target and Walmart, chances are you're having about as much luck as anyone else would searching through places like GameStop and Best Buy Well, Walmart just cut off their pre-orders for the console, for what is a[...]
Nintendo Switch Red Blue
The laymen's version of all that technical data is that there is an emulator file called "flog" on the Nintendo Switch, not being used by any applications or games. The stunning revelation to all this is that this is basically the same tech used in the NES Classic Edition, and most likely the Super NES Classic[...]
EBay Thwarts Super NES Classic Edition Scalpers… For Now
The hundreds of scalpers looking to make a tidy sum off the Super NES Classic Edition ahead of release just got a swift kick int he backside from eBay this week Several sellers noticed their listings for the console, ranging from $150 to an insane $700, were taken down by the shopping and auction website[...]
Nintendo Is Also Releasing A Classic Mini: Super Famicom In Japan
When the Super NES Classic Edition was announced, you had to know that a version of the Super Famicom was on the way Details were released in Japan shortly after the other system that the Classic Mini: Super Famicom would be coming on October 5 Here's a picture of the much more cute box their[...]
Nintendo Finally Releases Details On The Super NES Classic Edition
This morning, Nintendo finally unveiled the look and details of the Super NES Classic Edition The system will be released on September 29 and will run you $80, two months sooner than the NES Classic Edition was released at a $20 markup Which means Nintendo learned their lesson about making more money off stuff it probably[...]