EBay Thwarts Super NES Classic Edition Scalpers… For Now

The hundreds of scalpers looking to make a tidy sum off the Super NES Classic Edition ahead of release just got a swift kick int he backside from eBay this week. Several sellers noticed their listings for the console, ranging from $150 to an insane $700, were taken down by the shopping and auction website due to a new rule they've implemented.

EBay Thwarts Super NES Classic Edition Scalpers… For Now

An eBay rep confirmed the news to Eurogamer that they have started taking a more proactive approach toward the system and are actively removing "listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away." The policy was already in place in eBay's TOS at 45 days, but it appears they're taking it a step further to one month's time. However, in the grand scheme of things, the company are essentially putting a band-aid over an open gash. Once that 30-day period comes around, the listings will be back up, most likely in force with bigger price tags attached just to spite both the market and the site.

Nintendo already lost the war against the scalpers when they discontinued the NES Classic Edition, which instantly raised the prices of systems online to $500-800 when the news broke, and instantly gave scalpers more money in the long run for having a rare product. Don't be surprised if you have a more expensive case of déjà vu when the Super NES Classic Edition rolls around in September.

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