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TMNT Ultimates Wave Four Up For Order From Super7
Check them out below, and place an order right here. Super7 TMNT Ultimates Wave 4 TMNT Ultimates Wave 4 Figures Donatello Now in ULTIMATES! form – everyone's favorite techno-savvy TMNT Turtle – Donatello! The Don' comes packed with extra accessories including alternate head and hands, his trusty communicator, and the classic weapon rack including; kama, turtle fist daggers, bo[...]
Super7 Reveals SDCC Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives
It is pretty wicked looking, and I can only wonder what the Super7 TMNT party at their store would have been like this year centered around this guy. Super7 Baxter Stockman GITD Figure In Package "The name is BAXTER STOCKMAN! This Ultimates! Baxter Stockman glows with electric blue radiation from the malfunctioning Dimension X disintegrator that doomed[...]