Super7 Reveals SDCC Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives

Super7 kicked off their Stay-At_home-Ic-Con earlier today, revealing a bunch of new TMNT products that would have been SDCC exclusives at the show and in their San Diego store this year. All kinds of things are now available to purchase from their store, including patches, clothing, a pennant, a sweet beach towel based on the old trading card packs, and figures of course. First, a TMNT four pack of the boys as ReAction figures. Same as before, only this time glow in the dark. All four figures come with accessories and are housed in an ooze canister. You can see these items below.

Super7 Reveals SDCC Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives
Super7 Stay At Home Ic Con TMNT Exclusives

Super7 Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives

"We're diving into the Super7 Spectacular Stay-at-home-ic-con Special with our favorite mutated reptiles. Head over to the shop for brand new exclusives. Super Special Giveaway – we're including a free gift with every Stay-at-home-ic-con Special purchase today. Pick any item from the collection and a mystery item will automatically appear in your cart."

Super7 Reveals SDCC Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives
Super7 Stay At Home Ic Con Baxter Stockman Exclusive

Also available to order right now is a glow in the dark version of Baxter Stockman from their upcoming Ultimates TMNT line. This glow version comes with all of the accessories of the regular release shipping soon, only all of it glows in the dark. It is pretty wicked looking, and I can only wonder what the Super7 TMNT party at their store would have been like this year centered around this guy.

Super7 Reveals SDCC Stay-At-Home-Ic-Con TMNT Exclusives
Super7 Baxter Stockman GITD Figure In Package

"The name is BAXTER STOCKMAN! This Ultimates! Baxter Stockman glows with electric blue radiation from the malfunctioning Dimension X disintegrator that doomed him to deformity! The 7" super articulated action insect is cast in beautiful blue glow-in-the-dark plastic and comes jam packed with an assortment of scientifically evil accessories."

You can order all of this Turtle goodness right here. All orders are also getting some kind of secret free gift, so make sure to go grab this stuff before it is sold out.


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