'Supergirl': Our Top 10 List of "Lexiest" Lex Luthors of All Time (TV/Film)

Superfriends - Stan Jones "Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom..." No other words could be quite as ominous on Saturday morning cartoons Growing up in the 80's, this was our Lex Luthor With the Richard Donner Superman film a little too ponderous and VHS not yet a luxury we all had, this was who we grew[...]

Revenge's Henry Czerny To Battle Supergirl As The Toyman

But according to, Revenge's Henry Czerny has been cast as Winslow Schott, described as Win's estranged father.The character has gone through many interpretations over the years, from the cackling Joker proxy in Superfriends to a grim ripper-esque take in the comics of the 1990s The new Schott will weaponize his toys, but attempt reconciliation[...]

2 DC Toy Lines Spawn Animated Movies

Two of DC Entertainment's toy lines are being made into animated series and short films. The first is based on Mattel's Batman Unlimited line and will kick of with Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts which will be released on May 12th with a sequel planed for later in 2015. The first film will feature Batman, the Flash, […]