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Sweet Home Webtoon Crosses Over with Heir of Light Mobile Game
GAMEVIL announced today that Heir Of Light's upcoming update will feature a special collaboration event with the popular Naver webtoon, Sweet Home, which was recently adapted into a live-action Netflix TV series Heir of Light is a collection-type RPG with a dark fantasy twist that invites players into a unique and antique-like world With steady[...]
Sweet Home is Gross-Out Gory Horror Fun that We Need
Sweet Home is strangely unexpected An all-out gloopy, gross-out horror show that adapts a popular Korean webcomic that's gotten over 1 billion views on WEBTOON, it's really a no-brainer that Netflix would make a live-action TV show It's not about a zombie apocalypse for a change. "Sweet Home" poster, Netflix Song Kang plays Hyun-Soo, a suicidally depressed[...]
Sweet Home: A Horror Webtoon Comic of the Moment
Sweet Home is a Korean horror webcomic that's gotten a live-action Netflix adaptation The TV series is getting a lot of buzz and memes on the internet, which is a mark of its success There's a reason it got a Netflix TV adaptation The 143-chapter comic has 1.2 billion views on Webtoon, and more than[...]