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Sandra Bernhard is Joining Season 2 of STARZ Sweetbitter

Sandra Bernhard is Joining Season 2 of STARZ 'Sweetbitter'

One of the surprise shows for us this year was STARZ half-hour drama series Sweetbitter. Deeply moving with some extremely special performances, the 6-episode first season danced along our palate. Imagine our utter delight when STARZ picked it up for a second season. Filming on season 2 is happening right now, at least according to a […]

Lets Talk About Sweetbitter Season 1 Episode 4 Simones

Let's Talk About Sweetbitter Season 1, Episode 4, 'Simone's'

STARZ doesn't get enough credit for their series, but I personally think Sweetbitter might change that.  While only half-hour episodes, the series has tremendous promise. True, it's right up my personal alley — as someone who has a love affair with the culinary world, Sweetbitter is exactly the type of show that caters to me. This […]