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Preview Of Artifacts #35 By Top Cow's 2012 Talent Contest Winner

Here we've got a first look at Artifacts #35 by one of Top Cow's 2012 Talent Contest Winners, Hannibal Tabu. Art and cover for this issue was done by Nelson Blake II and with later pages by Michael Avon Oeming. The book will hit the shelves on Wednesday Feb 26th. Mercenary Michael Finnegan just can't catch a […]

Top Cow Talent Search Gets Over 600 Entries

The annual Top Cow Talent Search just passed its entry deadline and I got a quick moment to talk with Matt Hawkins writer and CEO/Publisher of Top Cow about the process, the purpose and the sheer volume of material that came in.BC: Let's start off with the obvious first question, why? Why do you do a talent[...]

Lea Hernandez Interprets The Harley Quinn Script

Late Night Fun…. Lea Hernandez on her DivaLea tumblr posted this image of a "naked" Harley Quinn with a toaster and a bathtub… and make sure you check out her latest work at the Garlicks.    

Top Cow's 2013 Talent Hunt Is Looking For Unpublished Writers And Artists

Top Cow announced this week that they will be conducting a new Talent Search where in they will be looking for 4 unpublished writers and 4 unpublished artists that will then get paying work from the company Another 10 runner-ups of each will get the chance to participate in an anthology There is a seven[...]