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Another Eden x Tales Of Arise & Symphonia Crossover Launches Dec. 20
Wright Flyer Studio and Bandai Namco have come together to launch the Another Eden x Tales Of Arise & Symphonia crossover event The two games will meet with a number of activities for you to take part in over the course of several weeks, starting on December 20th Heroes Alphen and Shionne will be playable[...]
Tales Of Arise Gets Naew DLC With Sword Art Online Crossover
Bandai Namco has released a new update for Tales Of Arise this week, as players can get in on a special crossover with Sword Art Online The update itself has added a ton of new content to keep you busy as they have now introduced new difficulty settings, new training ground battles, more items and[...]
Bandai Namco Will Release Tales Of ARISE This Spetember
Bandai Namco released a brand new video this week for Tales Of Arise, as we get a look at the game's opening cinematic scene for fun This is basically anime fun as they show off every character in the game that they can along with a bit of action and give you a sense of[...]
Bandai Namco Will Release Tales Of ARISE This Spetember
Bandai Namco revealed this morning that they will finally be releasing Tales Of ARISE this year, as it will come out this September After being pushed back last year by the team with no real indication of when they were aiming to push the game again, we now know the game will drop on September[...]
Tales Of Arise Will No Longer Be Released In 2020
Sad news for those of you waiting to see when Tales Of Arise would be released this year, as Bandai Namco has pushed the window back This week, the game's producer Yusuke Tomizawa released a statement saying that the game would be pushed out of the 2020 release window it was originally given and will[...]
Bandai Namco Announces "Tales of Arise" at Xbox's E3 Showcase
It may have leaked a bit ahead of the conference, but Bandai Namco announced Tales of Arise, the latest for their Tales series at the Xbox E3 showcase Like most entries in the Tales series, this latest RPG combines flashy anime action combat with exploration and character-focused cutscenes. While this is the next game in the series after[...]