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Dynamite Unveils Red Sonja Tarot Card Deck
Plus tarot cards are fun to pull out at a party and read for friends I have the previous deck they did based on Vampirella and if you read my one review of that deck, you'd know my one complaint was the cards were a bit thin I've been told that the Red Sonja deck[...]
Reading the Fates with the Vampirella Tarot Card Deck
In my younger days I used to read tarot cards for friends at parties I never claimed to have any psychic ability, but I was pretty good at interpreting the cards and my friends found it entertaining enough that they kept asking me to do it But my deck has long since been put away,[...]
'Vampirella' Tarot Cards To Hit Shelves By Halloween
Following a successful two-week Kickstarter campaign, Dynamite Entertainment has their first game offering with the launch of the new Vampirella tarot cards To celebrate the artistic history of the horror icon Vampirella, the publisher has put together a fully-functioning tarot card deck that uses the images of the 1969 Vampirella Magazine in a unique collectible. Created in 1969, Vampirella has thrived for nearly 50[...]
Vampirella Tarot Cards Deck Gives Fans A Second Chance
After a successful Kickstarter that included reaching their first stretch goal, Dynamite entertainment has put the Vampirella Tarot Cards deck up on Indiegogo so more people can get in on the deal and exclusives The campaign will run for two months, allowing those interested to get the same prizes and rewards as the original run[...]
Dynamite To Expand The Arcana With Three Unique Cards In The Vampirella Tarot Deck
Dynamite is offering a set of tarot cards using classic art of Vampirella It's a full set of cards featuring both the major and minor arcana that are designed to be usable, not just collectors items The featured art includes the work of some amazing artists like Frank Frazetta, Sanjulian, Bill Hughes, Jose Gonzalez, Enrich, Esteban Maroto, and[...]
Classic Vampirella Images To Be Used In Tarot Card Deck
 Vampirella found her new home in March of 2010 when Dynamite Entertainment acquired the rights to the character from Harris Comics, and she has since appeared in a number of successful on-going series with the publisher. The Vampirella Tarot Cards will feature the artwork of some of the all-time masters of the craft, including Frank Frazetta,[...]
Justice League Tarot Cards – Which One Represents You?
In November DC Entertainment will be releasing a deck of tarot cards featuring their comic characters drawn and designed by Sara Richard But the publisher is asking which card represents you best on their website They figure it out like a lot of these on-line quiz by asking some very leading questions with three answers[...]