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Super Meat Boy Forever Is Coming To Mobile Devices
Thunderful Publishing and Team Meat revealed this morning that Super Meat Boy Forever is getting released for mobile devices next month To be perfectly honest, we're a little surprised that this didn't happen already, but we're guessing it was done out of courtesy to the fans so as not to give them a reason to throw[...]
We Checked Out "Super Meat Boy Forever" Again At PAX West 2019
In the meantime, we got to try out a few new levels as we saw more improvements to the game and the graphics, as well as more levels involving buzzsaws. Credit: Team Meat I must admit, either my skills are getting much more awesome, or the levels are getting easier I was able to clear a few[...]
Super Meat Boy Forever Pushed Back From April 2019 Release
Team Meat posted the news below letting fans know the game would be pushed back, but not too far back, as they're scrambling to finish it and make sure it's a good game when you get it in your hands However, they declined to elaborate on when that new release date would be, so there's[...]
Super Meat Boy Forever Slated for an April 2019 Release
Another big reveal from the Kinda Funny Games Showcase today, as Team Meat announced Super Meat Boy Forever is coming in April 2019 It kinda feels like we've been waiting on this one forever as the first time we saw a real demo for it goes all the way back to PAX 2017 But now we know[...]
You'll Get A Physical Version Of 'Super Meat Boy'… In 2018 — Team Meat (@SuperMeatBoy) October 18, 2017 While no "official" date has been set for Super Meat Boy's release, we now know two new facts about the game from their Twitter this The first is that the game will come out in 2017, but only digitally If you're looking for a physical copy of the[...]
Super Meat Boy Is Hitting PS4 And Vita With A New Soundtrack
The work of composer Danny Baranowsky is a part of that game's DNA in a way that isn't always the case in titles. Unfortunately though, Team Meat are going to be replacing his work for the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita releases of the Super Meat Boy. Ridiculon, David Scatliffe and Laura Shigihara will now be taking over, it was[...]