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Scream Factory Creepshow Blu Ray

Let's Take a Look at Scream Factory's Creepshow Blu-ray Release

My favorite story is still "Something to Tide You Over", with Ted Danson, Gaylen Ross, and Leslie Nielsen "I can hold my breath for a long time!" Classic It is also so much funnier than I remembered, although both of these creators can say that about most of their work You can tell it was[...]

the good place sdcc 2018

We Went to The Good Place at SDCC – But Was It Really?

Each life story resident is different -- from a “sweet” woman in a poofy dress to a Demon who tells you he is from “The Bad Place” and only listens to the band Puddle of Mudd.One resident whispered in my ear: "If you are Kaitlyn I will give you this envelope with one ticket to[...]