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The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Those games include Shadows Of Doubt, The Forgotten City, Paradise Killer, Haven, Cartel Tycoon, Trash Sailors, Cris Tales, and Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms You can check out descriptions for all of them below as well as see the complete showcase video from the PC Gaming Show. Cris Tales was one of the many[...]
Auto Draft
One of the last games we saw at PAX East this year was a new first-person adventure from Modern Storyteller called The Forgotten City Our own Madeline Ricchiuto checked the game out earlier this year at GDC and wrote up her thoughts on it, so I won't spend a ton of time covering what she[...]
The Forgotten City is Just Janky Enough to Feel Like Skyrim
credit// Modern Storyteller Modern Storyteller's The Forgotten City started as a popular mod for Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim And as developer Nick Pearce joked during the ID@Xbox Showcase at GDC this year, The Forgotten City was kept just janky enough to "make players of the Mod feel at home." And The Forgotten City lives up to that promise[...]
Xbox Announces 13 New Games Ahead of GDC 2019
The full list of new games announced for the Xbox One are Beholder 2, Boomerang Fu, CrossCode, Dead Static Drive, Door Kickers: Action Squad, HyperDot, Mowin' & Throwin', StarCrossed, Stela, The Forgotten City, Totem Teller, UnderMine, and Unrailed We have the details on all 13 below, as well as others here that have already been announced[...]