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Printwatch: Geiger #6, Sweet Paprika #2 and The Lot #1
PrintWatch: We have second printings for Gieger #6 and Sweet Paprika #2 both from Image Comics and The Lot #1 gets its Not First Printing from Bad Idea Comics. PrintWatch: GEIGER #6 2ND PTG IMAGE COMICS JUL218925 (W) Geoff Johns (A) Brad Anderson (A/CA) Gary Frank END OF STORY ARC The first volume of Image Comics' newest hit hero, GEIGER,[...]
Bad Idea July 2021 Solicits With Marguerite Bennett & David Lafuente
Two launch titles, The Lot from Marguerite Bennett and Renato Guedes, and Slay Bells by Zeb Wells and David LaFuente.. take a peek. Bad Idea July 2021 Solicits ***  THE LOT #1 *** Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT Art & Cover by RENATO GUEDES PLUS: An All-New BAD IDEA B-SIDE FOUR ISSUES | MONTHLY | IN GLORIOUS BLACK AND WHITE $5.99 EACH  |  40 PGS[...]
Bad Idea Launches 5 Comics For 2021 To Follow The Hero Trade
We knew that title was coming but today Bad Idea Comics announced five titles launching in 2021. ENIAC by Matt Kindt & Doug Braithwaite TANKERS by Robert Venditti & Juan Jose Ryp WHALESVILLE by Matt Kindt & Adam Pollina THE LOT by Marguerite Bennett & Renato Guedes SLAY BELLS by Zeb Wells & David Lafuente Beginning in March 2021, you'll be[...]