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"The Patriot" Del Wilkes Has Passed Away At The Age Of 59
We have some sad news as tonight we have learned that Del Wilkes, known to wrestling fans as his masked all-American character The Patriot has passed away at the age of 59 years old  The news of his passing was shared on Wilkes's personal website and on, while The Post and Courier of Wilkes's home state of South Carolina[...]
Flashback Movies: The Patriot (2001)
This week? Well, this week, we're looking back at The Patriot.  R: The official poster for The Patriot Image Credit: Columbia Pictures The first thing I noticed when I brought this movie up on Netflix is that it is two hours and forty-five minutes long Few movies justify a runtime that long, and even those movies tend to[...]
Allen Bellman, Marvel/Timely Artist, Has Passed Away at 96
Allen Belman, Golden Age artist who worked on Captain America, The Patriot, The Destroyer, The Human Torch, Jap Buster Johnson and Jet Dixon of the Space Squadron, All Winners Comics, Marvel Mystery, Sub Mariner Comics, Young Allies, and countless other books, has passed away He was 96 years old He was a staff artist for[...]
Falcon #1
After giving up the shield of Captain America, the Falcon and his new partner, the Patriot, took off for Chicago, where the two hoped they could do some good in a city on hard times This is the premise for the new Falcon comic by Rodney Barnes and Joshua Cassara. While I've been a big fan of the series so far, Falcon[...]
Falcon #3 cover by Daniel Acuna
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Falcon and the Patriot have been locked away by the mayor That mayor soon reveals his identity as Blackheart He makes Sam and Shaun an offer that they naturally deny, given that he's a literal demon and all that Doctor Voodoo returns to save our heroes, and the three are ready for round[...]
Falcon #1 cover by Jesus Saiz
They have the hope that the Falcon can bring something good to them with this attempt at a truce. The Patriot brings a more youthful and relatable edge to the comic He's sarcastic, chatty, and more eager to put his life on the line than a teenager probably should be However, this makes him endearing as[...]
Sam Wilson: Captain America #24 Review: Cap Picks Up The Shield Again
She fails to convince him, but the new Patriot, Rayshaun Lucas, has a go at Sam. I guess this is a spoiler, but I loved this picture too much not to use it: The Patriot gets through to Sam, and Sam Wilson becomes Captain America once again. This is a really slow issue, despite all of that[...]
The Patriot
Cinema Sins has decided to celebrate the 4th of July by going back and finding Everything Wrong with the Patriot The Roland Emmerich directed film from 17 years ago stars Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper, Rene Auberjonois, Adam Baldwin, Donal Logue and Tom Wilkinson… which is a pretty amazing cast[...]
Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 Review: Half A Good Book
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] As Bleeding Cool's resident "Secret Empire is actually pretty good" guy and as someone who was looking forward to the debut of the new Patriot, Rayshaun Lucas, I felt that it was necessary to review this comic. Yes, it's over a week old now, but that doesn't mean that the material has automatically become stale[...]
The Director Stands Revealed – Fall Out From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
This article will contain spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode – The Patriot. . . . . . The latest episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD promise to reveal Director Mace's big secret, and it delivered on that But in a way, the secret itself wasn't necessarily the big part but rather the pieces in place around it[...]