Sam Wilson: Captain America #24 Review: Cap Picks Up The Shield Again

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Sam wilson

*Ties into the Secret Empire crossover

In this issue, we're given more insight into the mind of Sam Wilson, AKA Captain America. We see him in his new Falcon costume, looking over his Captain America uniform and shield. We get a flashback of him conferring with his preacher brother about his decision to give up the shield before he actually did it.

In the present, he is camping out in the Midwest again as Misty Knight, his lover and partner, tells him how much of a mistake he is making by still refusing to pick up the shield once again. She fails to convince him, but the new Patriot, Rayshaun Lucas, has a go at Sam.

I guess this is a spoiler, but I loved this picture too much not to use it:

Sam Wilson: Captain America #24 Review: Cap Picks Up The Shield Again

The Patriot gets through to Sam, and Sam Wilson becomes Captain America once again.

This is a really slow issue, despite all of that. The plot is a little unfocused, and most of it is spent in Sam Wilson's headspace. It is meaningful and gets into the psyche and emotions of Captain America, but that doesn't mean there is a story here.

I'm all right with it being light on action, but it doesn't feel like the comic really went anywhere, and that is a crying shame. There is a lot of good dialogue here, and it's awesome finally seeing Sam meet the new Patriot. Plus, any comic with Misty Knight in it automatically gets bonus points. However, these moments deserve an actual plot attached to them. The last issue was much the same, but it at least gave plot details.

That being said, it's still an enjoyable read. Like I said, the dialogue is nice, and it is a good character issue. Joe Bennet's art is quite good, even if he gets very little to do in the space he's given. There are a couple of pages where he gets to stretch his legs a bit, like the above full-body shot of Sam Wilson in his Captain America duds and one where Misty is yelling at Sam for just giving up. He's really good at expression. Matt Yackey's color work is good, but again, he's not given a whole lot to do given the comic staying in one place without much physically going on.

I do recommend this comic for those who are following Sam Wilson and Captain America, but I can't give one to anybody outside that space. It all feels like a lengthy explanation for Sam Wilson: Captain America readers as to why Sam is flying the colors again in Secret Empire proper. Patriot convinced him, and that's it; that's the explanation. Nothing else is really going on here.

Also, don't believe the cover. None of the rest of the Underground are in this comic at all.

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