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Some Thoughts On The Seeds
The Seeds, a comic from Ann Nocenti and David Aja, is that temptation Nocenti's a world-traveling comics veteran, and Aja, you know, from his trend setting work on Marvel's Hawkeye Eagle-eyed readers will note this pairing teamed up for a Daredevil short story called 3 Jacks, way back in 2009 when Ed Brubaker wrote Daredevil. The[...]
David Aja's The Seeds to (Finally) Conclude in November
But acclaimed enviro-thriller The Seeds by Ann Nocenti and David Aja is in a league of its own.  The Seeds #3 was due to be published in October 2018 It was then delayed until the beginning of March 2019 That didn't happen either. And now Dark Horse and Berger Books seems to have decided to skip[...]
The Seeds #1 cover by David Aja
Race is odd, though, and there is something more to this person. The Seeds #1 cover by David Aja The Seeds #1 is a bleak yet honest view of a world teetering towards destruction It looks at the last gasps of this split society while a group of people just try to make their mark while there[...]