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'Dark Stuff' Is All About Mood – Horror Comics With Ben Templesmith, Rafael Albuquerque, Rachel Deering, Matthew Roberts And Vanesa Del Rey At Heroes Con 2014
Roberts, who has a child, says he allows "cartoony violence" in games, but not extreme games as his choice. Look out for more Manifest Destiny from Roberts, the serialization of The Squidder from Templesmith starting imminently, a second volume of In the Dark slated for Halloween time from Deering and more American Vampire, Second Cycle from[...]
Why Ben Templesmith Left Ten Grand And Why He's Now All About The Squidder
At the time, Straczynski said "If we were doing a graphic novel we'd hire him again in a heartbeat." Well, now Templesmith IS working on a new graphic novel, THE SQUIDDER, and he's turned to Kickstarter to fund the production With 16 days left to go and over $80,000 pledged already, UK comics journalist P[...]
Ben Templesmith's Squidvision Updates
On his tumblr feed he says "The Squidder is coming along" Turns out its for a graphic novel Templesmith is doing through 44Flood and Kickstarter. The project has already met its goal and then some… but there are some awesome rewards still available. This how the book is described on the site: THE SQUIDDER is an original graphic novel about[...]