Ben Templesmith's Art Love For Twin Peaks

Artist Ben Templesmith has been fired up about drawing Twin Peaks material.  Could it be that he's heard the announcement of David Lynch's additional footage being filmed for the show, probably for the Blu-Ray edition (As reported on Bleeding Cool here)? And the first thing Templesmith thinks of? BOB. And then all art breaks loose. His Twitter posting from Tumblr reads:

Fire walk with me. Soon. #art #blacklodge #redroom #massivemassivequantities #cherrypie #mullets #bignaturals #teaparty #obama #teambreezy

The hashtags are terrifying, on the one hand, and inscrutable on the other, like this art:

tumblr_myvdo9Pgw51qz5805o1_500Follow Ben Templesmith's Tumblr here, and let's keep watching. We want more Twin Peaks, Ben!

You should also check out Templesmith's Squidder project while there still might be copies available.


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