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A look at The Wall from Solar Opposites (Image: Hulu)
What the news also means is that there's more time for viewers to become engrossed in the storyline that came damn close to overshadowing our alien crew: The Wall Originally created by Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) as a way of studying human behavior, the world-within-a-wall-within-a-world's tale of hope, loss, redemption, and rebellion had all the makings of[...]
Solar Opposites - The Making Of • A Hulu Original
In the following clip, Roiland, McMahan, and members of the cast explain how the series came to be, why having fun was an important aspect in creating the series, and why it's so different than other animated series. Justin Roiland takes us behind the scenes of Solar Opposites, courtesy of Hulu. One of the concepts from the[...]
NBC Picks up Chris Hardwick's Scripted Comedy Natural History
He also hosts and/or executive produces NBC's The Wall; and AMC's post-episode talk shows Talking Dead (for The Walking Dead) and Talking Saul (for Better Call Saul). In an interview with Uproxx earlier this year, Hardwick spoke of his philosophy behind a quality talk show or podcast interview when it comes to guests: "But there isn't really[...]
LeBron James And Gabrielle Union Team Up For New Sitcom White Dave
This is LeBron's forth show, following in the footsteps of his game show The Wall, his recently wrapped Starz show Survivor's Remorse, and the in development untitled sneaker culture show set up at HBO. Union is currently starring in the BET series Being Mary Jane That is also wrapping next year after aring on the network[...]
DVD extras
You might dig the film digitally, but the features just aren't worth the physical copy. The Wall Lionsgate Released: 8/15/17 The Wall (not from Pink Floyd) is a film about sharpshooters in the military, with John Cena playing a supporting role, when he clearly should have been the lead The features on here are pretty middle-of-the-road, as you get[...]
ABC's 'Boy Band' Bows To NBC's 'Game Night' And 'Wall'; Fox Wins Demos
When the dust settled, NBC won that battle on the strength of the season premiere of The Wall and the weakness from an underperforming Boy Band series premiere from ABC Perhaps the biggest winners of the night were Fox and CBS, as Fox topped primetime ratings in the key 18-49 demographic, and CBS recorded the most[...]
Report: Doug Liman "Wasn't Feeling" Channing Tatum's Gambit
The Wall started with a contest Amazon ran, and Dwain's script rose to the top, and then it got handed to me." That's right, Liman would rather direct a film created via an contest and starring pro wrestler John Cena than direct Channing Tatum's Gambit How must that make Channing Tatum feel? Eh, he'll be alright. [...]
A Second Marvel Zombies Title For Secret Wars And What Is The Shield?
A bit.  I'll let other writers say more about this, since mine isn't the story most closely embroiled in the workings of the Shield, but it's pretty tacitly what it sounds like: a barrier between the "civilised" regions of the world (which isn't an especially accurate description in some cases, but still) and the untameable, horrific[...]