How Was It For You? Popping My Cherry At Thought Bubble

Olly MacNamee, the Thought Bubble virgin, writes While Rich fiddled as Rome, or rather his apartment block, burnt I was unfortunately oblivious to this fact until I finally bumped into the man himself at this year's very well received Thought Bubble. Not only was this Thought Bubble my first (and most definitely not my last) […]

How Many Chip Zdarskies Can You Find At Thought Bubble?

One man. One copy of the first Sex Criminals trade paperback. How many creators can he get to sign it, pretending to be Chip Zdarsky? Wow, signed by THE CHIP @zdarsky #TBF16 #1000chips — Glenn Foley (@Glennandpaper) November 5, 2016 Wow, signed by THE CHIP @zdarsky #TBF16 #1000chips — Glenn Foley (@Glennandpaper) November […]

The Psychotic Love Of Competition – Image Comics At Thought Bubble

Eric Stephenson, Kieron Gillen, Emi Lenox, Jeff Lemire, Declan , Cameron Stewart, Brendon Fletcher and Babs Tarr took to the stage at Thought Bubble in Leeds today. It was last year that Fletcher, Stewart and Tarr they first started discussing together about going to Image Comics with their new comic Motor Crush, keeping the team together […]

Bonfire Night. And My AirBNB At Thought Bubble Just Burned Down.

Keen Bleeding Cool readers will know of my travails during New York Comic Con, where I found that my AirBNB consisted of a mattress on the floor of a kitchen in Hell's Kitchen. A status that was cleverly avoided in all the photos of said dwelling. My AirBNB in Leeds was, instead, a single double […]

The Utterly Amazing Art Of Steve White, At Thought Bubble

Steve White used to be an editor at Titan Comics. Before that, he worked as an editor at Marvel UK. But for all that time, he was hiding his light as an amazing illustrator under the bushy bushel of his beard. He currently works at Hachette, repackaging and republishing comics for the UK market. But […]

Walking Around Thought Bubble In Twelve Minutes (VIDEO)

The show floor of Thought Bubble, that started in Leeds an hour ago is split into three, New Dock Hall, the Royal Armorines and the Big Tent… sorry, the ComiXology Marquee. Let's go take a blurry, judderly potter around all three as the doors opened… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: All Around Thought […]

The Thought Bubble Pre-Show Party Will Be Going Late And Long

Are you wandering around Leeds in a gaze? Stuck in a hotel watching terrible British sitcoms? Wondering which outlet of McDonalds to plump for? The pre-show Thought Bubble party is well underway at the Radisson Blu hotel inside The Light in Leeds. Why not pop by? Here are some of the people waiting for you…

Are You Coming Up To Thought Bubble Tomorrow? Kieron Gillen Needs You!

  There are Stephanie Hans prints in London. Kieron Gillen, who should have had them, is in Leeds for Thought Bubble. It is a long story that I haven't time to type. But basically. If you are in London and coming up to Thought Bubble in Leeds tomorrow, and could receive a taxi in the […]

Everyone Is Going To Thought Bubble – Except For Jordie Bellaire

Something's in the air. It's the Leeds-based comic convention Thought Bubble. The festival has been going all week, the convention starts on Saturday but the party starts on Friday night. And everyone is getting ready and making their way up North/down South depending on your point of view. Looks like that @Martin_Simmonds is […]

Be A Heretic At Thought Bubble With P M Buchan, Ben Templesmith And More

Coming up in the wake of Halloween and in the roll out to Thought Bubble in Leeds in the UK this week, an upcoming horror comic has inspired a wide-ranging art show in multiple mediums to celebrate all things macabre. Bleeding Cool spoke with P M Buchan to learn more about the event and its […]

A Thought Bubble Virgin Prepares Himself To Be Deflowered

Olly MacNamee writes It's that time of the year again when, before the winter break, we have the return of Thought Bubble in Leeds. It's my first time this year, but what finally caused me to break my cherry on this one was all the good and great things I've heard coming from comic book creators and […]

Cheap Train Tickets For Thought Bubble Weekend Available Now

The Thought Bubble comic book festival is in Leeds this November, with the Comic Con running on the 5th and 6th of November. Remember, remember? The best comic convention in Britain bar none. Well, for folk planning to attend, you should start planning ahead. Previously, a single train ticket from London Euston to Leeds on a Friday […]