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Jameela Jamil Shares Look at "Slightly Lower" She-Hulk/Titania Punch
Though we're already into the second episode of Disney+ & Marvel Studios' Tatiana Maslany-starring She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we're more than happy to allow series star Jameela Jamil (Titania) the opportunity to have us revisit the series opener- especially with what she had to share Checking in with guest host Nikki Glaser on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jamil[...]
©Marvel Studios 2022 LITG: Jameela Jamil On Titania's Hair She-Hulk Star Jameela Jamil Actually Agrees with Titania Image Shade That X-Men Cameo In Thor: Love And Thunder (Spoiler) Doctor Who: Heartstopper Star Yasmin Finney Confirms Rose Is Trans Riverdale Brings Some Clarity, Closure to Sabrina Spellman's CAOS Marvel's New Starfox One-Shot In October 2022 Stranger Things 4: Hellfire Club Members Metallica Post[...]
Magic: The Gathering: Vanguard Series 4, Pt.2: The Final Batch
Titania Hooooooooo buddy Titania stands out from the rest of these Vanguard characters, and likewise all the rest of the oversized cards in this entire supplemental release because she costs an absolutely staggering $400 To be fair, when we began covering this series back in early May, Titania only cost $350 at market We got her[...]
First Appearance Of Titania At Auction, Ahead Of She-Hulk TV Show
Skeeter MacPherra, Titania is to appear in the upcoming She-Hulk TV series for Disney+ The character created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck first appeared in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3 in 1984, alongside Marsha Rosenberg, Volcana Two characters who weren't chosen by The Beyonder to fight, but had their neighbourhood transported by the[...]
Variety is confirming via sources that Jamil has been tapped for the role of Titania, a Marvel supervillain with incredible strength and a frequent rival of She-Hulk Reps for Marvel Studios and Jamil did not respond to questions. Jamil would be joining a cast that includes Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) as Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk and Ginger[...]
Black Bolt #12 cover by Christian Ward
Elsewhere, Titania and the Absorbing Man reunite, and Titania tells Crusher what is happening with Black Bolt and the Jailer The two decide to go help "Old Wishbone," using Lockjaw to get there. Black Bolt #12 cover by Christian Ward Black Bolt #12 marks the end of Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward's acclaimed Inhuman series It ends[...]
Defenders #9 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor
All seems to be going smoothly until back-up in the form of Fixer, Moonstone, and Titania arrives From here, it becomes a super-powered rumble between the Defenders and Diamondback's crew. Oh, also Brian Michael Bendis himself makes a cameo, and it's pretty great. Defenders #9 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor Defenders #9 brings wall-to-wall entertainment and[...]
Black Bolt #9 cover by Christian Ward
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Absorbing Man is dead, and Black Bolt and Blinky have to tell Titania that her husband is gone Understandably, she is devastated, and Black Bolt and Blinky help her put a funeral together for Carl "Crusher" Creel Unfortunately, some otherwise welcome people may ruin the procession. Black Bolt #9 cover by Christian Ward This is[...]