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Arrow Takes A Chance On The Human Target And Misses
This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Human Target. . . . . . Last night's episode of Arrow introduced us to another DC Hero, took out a problem for Oliver Queen and gave us one more longing look for Olicity shippers. Following up on the previous episode where Wild Dog gets captured by Tobias Church, the team hits the[...]
Prometheus Gives Church His Last Warning
In a new clip from tonight's episode of Arrow, the mysterious Prometheus pays another visit to Tobias Church, giving him his last warning to leave the Green Arrow alone But Church has hired his own guy in a costume Not sure who the guy is, but he's going to try and killed Oliver Queen. Arrow airs[...]
I'm just not used to seeing Diggle back in a uniform. 7 – The people Ragman is after are involved with Tobias Church… they also had some tie to Damien Darhk which wasn't clear With no recruits, Green Arrow is on his own and jumps in during a arms deal after Ragman attacks GA puts himself in[...]