Arrow Takes A Chance On The Human Target And Misses

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Human Target.







Last night's episode of Arrow introduced us to another DC Hero, took out a problem for Oliver Queen and gave us one more longing look for Olicity shippers.

Following up on the previous episode where Wild Dog gets captured by Tobias Church, the team hits the streets trying to find any clue about their missing man. They best they can find is a vague area down by the water. Meanwhile Church is torturing Rene Ramirez and he ends of cracking… giving up the Green Arrow's real identity. Once they find where he had been tortured, Felicity Smoak is able to track the van and lead GA to the spot to save Wild Dog.

We have a brief interlude where Prometheus gives Church a second warning about going after Green Arrow. I don't know a lot of bad asses that give second warnings… not a whole lot of first warnings either. But Prometheus gives the second warning after Church's own costumed guy stops the arrow from killing his boss. So it was more of a cover your ass second warning I think. You know, "I meant to do that." We also don't get a name for Church's guy… that's very unlike the producers on the show.

Over at the Mayor's office, Oliver Queen is having his best day as Mayor. He forces a project through by black mailing a city council member and then gets the home number of the cute reporter whose writing all the attack articles about him… after he sweet talks her into giving him a chance. Oh, and then he goes outside and gets assassinated. Except none of this was Oliver, but rather Christopher Chance / the Human Target. Maybe Chance should be the mayor of Star City…

After Assistant Mayor Quentin Lance tells everyone that Oliver is dead, we see him standing with the team watching the announcement and a second Oliver walks in with blood on his suit. Chance then pulls his mask off, ala Mission Impossible, and we see him for the first time. Now that Church believes that Green Arrow is dead, he moves his plan forward and this allows Team Arrow to take him and his crew down. But not before Church tells Green Arrow that Prometheus is coming for him.

Chance then tells Oliver that Felicity is dating someone… then leaves. Oliver confronts Felicity about not telling him and they have a long, lingering moment. Oh, and Prometheus goes and kills Church and a bunch of cops.

I like the series, but this particular episode had a lot of problems. The was no reason for bring in Chance. He just happens to be an old friend of John Diggle's that comes in and take the bullets… but it's not like he's posing as Oliver while Green Arrow is seen to cover his identity being leaked. And since when does Oliver let someone else go into danger for him? Couldn't Oliver have worn the same vest? Chance doesn't have super powers. Was he there just to nudge Oliver forward in his life? I have no problem with Wil Traval's portayal of Chance, but it feels like the character was just wedged into the story and all of this could have happened without him.

Next week, Church is gone, Diggle is back and it's time for Prometheus to step up.

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