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Dave Sim, John Byrne, Jules Feiffer & Al Jafee Join Popeye Kickstarter
The project includes pin-ups from contributors such as Adventure Time storyboard artist Derek Ballard, The New Yorker's Roz Chast, The Book of Life director and painter Jorge Guiterrez, comic artist Kelley Jones, and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, as well as comic strips by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown, Cat Farris, Dean Haspiel, Erica Henderson, Shin[...]
Mark Sable and Chris Anderson Launch Chaotic Neutral on Kickstarter
And Chaotic Neutral Monster trading cards by Max Dunbar, Jeremy Haun, Maan House, Jeff Johnson, Tom Neely, Dan Panosian, Jim Rugg, Tim Seeley, and Kyle Strahm in the form of an uncut trading card sheet, one side with art, while the other will contain stats for a campaign. Mark Sable and Chris Anderson Launch Chaotic Neutral on[...]
The Humans Creative Team Is Going On Tour
Are you a fan of The Humans from Image Comics? If so, creators Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely are hitting the blacktop for a West Coast signing tour not to be missed Making appearances at several comic shops along the way, they'll be bringing all The Humans comics, posters, patches, t-shirts, and exclusive tour-only[...]
Monkey Biker Gangs, Drugs, And Vietnam – A Review Of The Humans Volume 1
While only Pee-Wee Herman can calm the savage beasts, the rest of us cower in fear that they don't kick our asses in front of our girlfriends. When I was covering the Image Comic Expo last summer, Tom Neely & Keegan Marshall Keller's announcement of The Humans had me intrigued Monkeys and motorcycles? The only other[...]