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Heather Antos Now Promoted To Senior Editor At IDW
Heather Antos announced the promotion online, amending her Twitter bio to the new credit and then tweeting "New title, who dis?" Heather Antos, art by Michael Walsh. She received congratulations on her new role from the likes of comic creators, marketing, publisher, and journalists including Joe Glass, John Reppion, Jim Dandedeau, Jamal Igle, Chris Arrant, Geoff Thorne, Declan[...]
Green Lantern #4 Review: Layers And Surprises
Likewise, the sequential art from Tom Raney, Marco Santucci, Michael Atiyeh, and Rob Leigh shines when it has a chance to show tension or action (although that Guardians first look was bracing) Green Lantern #4 is a good book that got a lot of things right but may have loaded its plate a little too high[...]
Green Lantern
And Geoffrey Thorne and Tom Raney, the writer and artist of the Future State: Green Lantern story starring John Stewart, The Last Lanterns, will be on a new Green Lantern #1 in March 2021 as well This will run alongside the final issues of the Green Lantern Season Two series by Grant Morrison and Liam[...]
Giantkillers #0 cover by Bart Sears and Nanjan Jamberi
That may explain some of the obfuscation, but it doesn't excuse it. The artists, Bart Sears (who is also the writer in his sections) and Tom Raney, do a solid job of creating a distinct world and character designs The monsters and villains especially look quite cool There are also a couple of spreads depicting the[...]
Dread Gods #1 Review: Smart, Interesting Satire Of Superhero Stories
They can experience and feel the adventures of Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, and the rest of the Pantheon of Mount Olympus in their never-ending battle against Hades. A sickly looking, wheelchair-bound man has participated, but he discovers a secret. This is the world established in Dread Gods #1 by Ron Marz, Bart Sears, and Tom Raney[...]
[Updated] 12 Images From Marvel's Venom Variant Month March 2017
I've secreted the new ones in to the gallery now for you to enjoy … and I'm still leaving the lovely surprise at the bottom. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ The creators on each cover are Invincible Iron Man #5 by[...]
With 2 Hours To Go, Broken Frontier Kickstarter Goes To The Wire…. (UPDATE)
Can a last minute Bleeding Cool bump put it over the edge?  A 250-page hardcover colour anthology of comics with 45 contributors including David Hine, Mark Stafford, Greg Pak, Karrie Fransman, Alison Sampson, Cullen Bunn, Phil Hester, INJ Culbard, Josh Fialkov, Fred Van Lente, Nathan Fox, Tom Raney and more. Can they make it? UPDATE: Well, that seemed to do[...]
Nick Barrucci Makes His Art Collection Available To You
 Art from creators including Tom Raney, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, and Patrick Zircher These pieces include pages from some of your books as The Outsiders, The Punisher, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Order and Robin And part of all sales of the art will go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund "Art collecting[...]
Connecticut Comic-Conn Puts Comic Fans First And Doubles In Attendance
By Shawn Perry Greetings True Bleeders! The passion Mitch Hallock has for comics truly shined this past weekend as the seventh Annual Connecticut Comic-Conn drew an estimated 13,000 fans to the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport which is over twice the numbers of fans it drew during last year's record-setting edition.  In short, Comic-Conn 2014 was a[...]
Hartford Comic Con's First Outing Hits Home For Local Fans
Hartford has a population of just-under 125,000 people and there are no major metros larger than that in the state.  For the first time fans in the Hartford area were given the opportunity to come downtown and mingle with artists the likes of Tim Sale and Tom Raney, attend a panel featuring stars like the[...]
Tom Raney Takes On Bloodshot And H.A.R.D. Corps
Veteran artist Tom Raney (Ultimate X-Men, Stormwatch) is jumping about Valiant's Bloodshot And H.A.R.D Crops with issue #20 The series written by Christos Gage (Superior Spider-Man) and Joshua Dysart (Harbinger) is continuing the Mission Improbable storyline started in Archer & Armstrong #18. Valiant sent over these preview pages for the crossover event [...]
Ron Marz And Friends Do Auction For Toys For Tots
Tom Raney post this on his facebook page today: My buddy Ron Marz is doing a series of auctions to fund a toy drive for Toys for Tots I contributed a Batman- Deadman piece Please go and bid Bid high, it's for a good cause! Taking a look at the listings, they're offering up stuff from Jim Zub, Peter[...]
Images From Wake Up And Draw For Jack Kirby
To honor the King, the Hero Initiative put together Wake Up And Draw, an event where artist simply draw an image with Kirby in mind and post it on Twitter with the hashtage #wakeupanddraw… The images will then be collected at one place to see and eventually auctioned off to raise money for the charity that[...]