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That's Roommate Drama #1, which keeps Spidey busy, making sure Fred doesn't end up on a slab. Spidey's other roommate Randy is dating the latest supervillain calling herself the Beetle, actually the daughter of the mobster Tombstone Randy's dad is the editor of the beleaguered newspaper The Daily Bugle, struggling in the light of former editor[...]
stranger things
If you've been here before, you know how this works: five movies that were on the minds of the Netflix series' writers that week – and now also serving as some cool selections to pass that self-isolation time. Netflix Following the reveal, we've included the trailers to make your "research" a little easier – at no extra[...]
Infinity Wars #1 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin
Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon have the Power Stone, Captain Marvel the Reality Stone, Adam Warlock, Drax, and Iron Lad the Soul Gem, Black Widow the Space Stone, Doctor Strange the Time Stone, and Turk, Bullseye, Sandman, Tombstone, Typhoid Mary, and the Spot the Mind Stone Strange fears Thanos' arrival and wants a contingency plan[...]
Daredevil #24 Review: Foggy Nelson Is Back!
The District Attorney is upset with this embarrassment and informs Matt, if he chooses to continue to pursue this case, it will be without the financial support or manpower of the DA's office. Back at Kingpin's tower, Legal informs Fisk that it is unlikely that Murdock will take this to the Supreme Court, but Fisk convinces[...]
Daredevil #23 Review: Matt Murdock Takes The Stand
The Kingpin also hires Lonnie Lincoln, AKA Tombstone, to kill Matt Murdock Meanwhile, Matt goes to fellow attorney Jen Walters, aka the She-Hulk, for advice. This story is charting a very interesting path for the Man Without Fear, as this is a new angle to introduce into superhero comics To allow them to testify in court[...]
Choosing The Colour Of Your Tombstone
When we ran panels from last week's Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, featuring the origin of new supervillain Beetle, as the daughter of Tombstone, a few questions were asked And the Marvel editor in question answered… @hermanos He's not WHat gave you the idea that we said he was? — Tom Brennan (@Brennanator) December 31, 2013 Tombstone has previously[...]