Amazing Spider-Man #62 Review: Surely Not "Amazing"

The most ironic thing about Amazing Spider-Man #62 is that the least amazing thing about it is its titular character, who works as a supporting character for the developments around his roommates, whose activity drives the narrative and determines what will happen. This is a much more lived in New York City, but the web-slinger is an afterthought.

Amazing Spider-Man #62 Cover. Credit: Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man #62 Cover. Credit: Marvel

The Kingpin is the mayor of New York, and he wants something Boomerang (Fred) has. Boomerang, suspiciously, is trying to do the right thing and keep it safe while caring for his adorable new pet Gog, which turns into a forty-foot tall giant monster if a super science collar isn't around its neck. That's Roommate Drama #1, which keeps Spidey busy, making sure Fred doesn't end up on a slab.

Spidey's other roommate Randy is dating the latest supervillain calling herself the Beetle, actually the daughter of the mobster Tombstone. Randy's dad is the editor of the beleaguered newspaper The Daily Bugle, struggling in the light of former editor J. Jonah Jameson becoming a sensation with a new digital media outlet called Threats and Menaces, including a deal to live stream Spider-Man's activities from a special new suit. That's Roommate Drama #2.

Through all of that, Spider-Man narrates and quips well enough, thanks to a decent Nick Spencer script, but this is not a Spider-Man story. The balance of Roommate Drama #2 is interesting and almost Shakespearean in the way it weaves together the threads of that tale, and Boomerang is an unexpectedly entertaining comedic lead. The artwork from the creative team of Patrick Gleason, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna is very reminiscent of the mid-1980s style of books, very suggestive and noirish in the character depictions, save a decidedly John Romita Jr. influenced action sequence with great attention to detail.

There's nothing wrong here, but it's not "Spider-Man" that's the focus, and he's surely not "amazing," so you should know that going in. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

Amazing Spider-Man #62
By Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason
NEW COSTUME DEBUTS! Kingpin makes it personal with Peter Parker and New York City itself will pay the price! And another fuse lit more than thirty issues ago reaches its explosive destination.

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