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Star Wars: Unboxing BB-8 In A British Bedroom…
Write a post about how the BB-8 Star Wars toy is still available in branches of Marbles: The Brain Store, even though it had sold out of all the big chain stores… and they send you one to have a play with. Just for today though The kids can open it again themselves on Christmas Day…. [...]
Hulkbuster 8" – I'd Buy That For Twenty-Five Dollars
But my desire for this has not dimmed in the interim… an 8" posable Hulkbuster toy For $25 But it's so shiny.  Hulkbuster getting a "what what?" From behind and in the bix… And unleashed on the streets. Somebody stop me… but who would win? This? Or the Marvel Collectors Corps Funko Pop? There's only one way to[...]
The $28 Million Dollar Swipe File – Jeff Koons And Dark Horse Comics
In the comments of our previous post about the Popeye sculpture, Brew reader Alex Kirwan pointed out that Koons's sculpture bears a substantial similarity to a Dark Horse-produced Popeye PVC figure released in 2002. Without seeing the Popeye sculpture and figurine in person, it's hard to speak with definitiveness, but after closely examining the available[...]
Godzilla Model Shows Off His Full Form, Drops Atomic Breath Clues
I think we can expect to see him with that ability in this film too. Also, we're told that toys for the movie should be expected around February, so I'll bet a pretty penny now that we may soon get a better, closer look at some of the other giant monster foes Godzilla is expect to[...]
Mattel Confirms Green Lantern Parallax Image
Mattel has been in touch to request the removal of the image purporting to be of the Parallax toy from the Green Lantern movie line from Bleeding Cool, that has caused so much commotion of late. And while we are happy to comply with Mattel's request, we also note that Mattel seems to have confirmed the[...]