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An Image Of The Human Stars Of Transformers 4
Earlier this week Michael Bay Tweeted an image of him on the set of Transformers 4, aka Transformers: Age of Extinction, but it's not all about him. Today he Tweeted an image of three of the stars of the new Transformers film The human stars. So, here's Mark Whalberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor chilling out in an entirely[...]
Behind The Scenes Image Of Bayhem On The Set Of Transformers 4
The following behind the scenes image from the set of Transformers 4 – aka Transformers: Age of Extinction – was posted to Michael Bay's official Twitter feed and it seems to perfectly encapsulates Michael Bay's character as a filmmaker. It's almost looks like he thinks that the camera is a mounted gun and he's in the[...]
Casting Roundup: Bradley Cooper, Ben Whishaw, Transformers 4 And More
[Deadline] • British actress Victoria Summer has landed a supporting role in Transformers 4 The Michael Bay film starring Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz is currently shooting (read: blowing stuff up) in Detroit [The Wrap] • Ben Whishaw has finalized his deal to play Moby Dick author Herman Melville in Ron Howard's In the Heart[...]
Transformers Adds To Its Super Car Line Up – Bumblebee Mark 2 And More
But we can be sure he won't stay like this for long. The fact that Bumblebee has two very different car forms – one roughed-up and one all new and shiny – kind of suggests that the character will be introduced in the same way as the first film. Plus here's a look at a relatively new[...]
Chinese Media Told That Transformers 4 Centres On Their Country… But Does It?
Jessy Williams writes for Bleeding Cool If you take a look at the video below, you will see a Chinese reporter being told that Transformers 4 will not just be set in China, but the film will actually spare some meaningful time and space for the country. Is this the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the[...]
Sunday Trending Topics: Another Death In The Family
 But as the readership is realizing with reboots, we seem to be at that tipping point where we've stopped eyerolling (…so much) about deaths/replacement/rebirth cycles as overused storytelling devices and embracing the reality that they are an artifact of extremely long-form, massively multi-character storytelling. As for who else is about to be tossed into the mainstream media spin-cycle[...]