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Hasbro Reveals Transformers The Movie Junkheap and Sludge Bots
Hasbro is continuing to expand their line of Transformers Studio Series figures with two new additions from Transformers: The Movie Up first is the return of Junkheap from the Junkion Dance Party who will transform into his motorcycle in just 22 steps He will come with an Armor axe, 2 arm plates, 2 wheel accessories,[...]
Relive Transformers: The Movie With New Figures Coming From Hasbro
Transformers fans can now relive moments from the iconic 1986 film, Transformers: The Movie with new figures from Hasbro Three figures in total have been released and now in Studios Series format There are more than just Autobots and Deceptions out there, and Hasbro captures some of the other collections of heroes and villains out[...]
Mondo Offering Oliver Barrett Transformers Posters For Sale Tomorrow
The poster is dedicated to that moment we all felt when learning that our hero Optimus was dying in Transformers: The Movie, with a regular version limited to 250 and featuring the Transformers hero standing tall but wounded, and a variant edition limited to only 125 pieces featuring him, well, grey as a ghost It[...]
Hasbro Unveils Deluxe Figures from Transformers: The Movie
Hasbro is jumping into the past and bringing fans a new figure from The Transformers: The Movie Six new figures were revealed today during the Transformers Livestream on Hasbro Pulse Each figure is Deluxe and is all expected to release in the Summer of 2021 One of the coolest things about these figures is that[...]
Hasbro Pulse Gets Transformers Quintesson Pit of Judgement 5-Pack
Hasbro is letting us return to 1986 to relive the classic animated film, Transformers: The Movie They have announced that Hasbro Pulse will be getting a very special exclusive 5 pack set with the Quintesson Pit of Judgement The set will include three accessories and five figures Fans will get to see the Quintesson Judge,[...]
Optimus Prime Is Back From the Dead With Exclusive Figure From Hasbro
Transformers: The Movie was a big deal for fans back in the day The film showed off the death of the Autobots leader, Optimus Prime As his spark slowly faded tears were shed and some people even left the theaters Hasbro is bringing this Alternate Universe Optimus Prime back from the dead with a new[...]
Transformers The Movie Poster
Transformers: The Movie, the classic animated full-length film from 1986, is coming back to theaters for one night only on September 27th 2018 Fathom Events will be hosting screenings all around the country, in association with Hasbro and Shout! Factory, featuring a completely remastered version (also released on Blu-ray in 2016). can't be loaded because[...]
Transformers The Movie Poster
Transformers fans: get ready to cry all over again, as Shout Factory, Hasbro,  and Fathom Events will be bringing Transformers: The Movie to theaters for one night only on September 27 This will be the remastered version that they released on blu-ray last year The work they did on the transfer was amazing, and to[...]