Mondo Offering Oliver Barrett Transformers Posters For Sale Tomorrow

Transformers fans have a reason to get out of bed tomorrow, as Mondo will have regular and variant versions available of a new Optimus Prime poster from artist Oliver Barrett tomorrow morning on The Drop. The poster is dedicated to that moment we all felt when learning that our hero Optimus was dying in Transformers: The Movie, with a regular version limited to 250 and featuring the Transformers hero standing tall but wounded, and a variant edition limited to only 125 pieces featuring him, well, grey as a ghost. It is a striking image, and one of the best posters Mondo has offered this year. Check them out below.

Mondo Offering Oliver Barrett Transformers Posters For Sale Tomorrow
Optimus Prime by Oliver Barret

Transformers Posters Are Always Welcome

As the longest year of the 2000s winds to an end, we salute the greatest fallen hero of the previous millennium: Optimus Prime. Artist Oliver Barrett depicts the steel-hearted warrior bloodied but unbowed, eyes fixed to the future just as they were in his emotional final moments in 1986's THE TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE. Both the Regular and Variant edition available Tuesday 12/22 at 11am Central on The Drop.

Here is what Barrett had to say about creating these awesome posters for the classic animated film: "You're 8 years old and you just found out that your favorite show about giant robots that transform into boxy cars and tape decks also has a movie. Holy crap, that's so cool. You get your parents to rent it for a summer movie night. It's so much better than any episode of the show, but you can't help but notice that a lot of your favorite characters are getting hit once and not getting back up. It feels a little weird, but it's all good. Optimus Prime's finally arrived. He beats the brakes off of Megatron, tossing him around like a sack of potatoes. As usual, Optimus Prime put the team on his back and turned the tide. Hold on, he looks pretty beat up. Huh? I don't remember ever seeing Prime with a hole in his stomach on the show…

'I fear the wounds are… fatal.'

"Hey, mom? What does 'fatal' mean?"

And there it was: My first exposure to death and loss, thanks to an elaborate toy commercial. This poster aims to capture that cathartic and inspiring feeling of discovering that our heroes are not invincible, but that doesn't stop them from bravely pushing forward…'no matter the cost.'

Oh, and this was all Hot Rod's fault."

Mondo Offering Oliver Barrett Transformers Posters For Sale Tomorrow
Transformers Optimus Prime Variant by Oliver Barrett

Look for these posters on The Drop tomorrow. They will sell out instantly so be ready.

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