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Starve Is A Gourmet Transmetropolitan For The 21st Century
It's a science fiction comic that begins with renowned media individual who has abandoned society, let himself go and found a new way of being, only to find himself tracked down by those he thought he had abandoned and drafted by the law back to doing what he once was, right in the public eye. That[...]
Darick Robertson's Nerd-Cave Gets Hit By Earthquake
— Jennifer de Guzman (@Jennifer_deG) August 24, 2014 But I do have  sympathy for Transmetropolitan and The Boys artist Darick Robertson No one in his house was injured But… Well, THAT sucked — Darick Robertson (@DarickR) August 24, 2014 @chipdanger I had collectibles,.. — Darick Robertson (@DarickR) August 24, 2014 @XinJeisan Everything that matters — Darick Robertson (@DarickR) August 24, 2014 @XinJeisan it's a[...]
Transmetropolitan Fans Can Get Shot In The Face
My first introduction to Warren Ellis was in a little know book called Transmetropolitan It read like Hunter S Thomspon and Robert Heinlein had made a love child that was born with a beard and a stunning vocabulary of curse words It was also where I fell in love with the art of Darick Robertson[...]
All Around 'Transmetropolitan: All Around The World' by Dirk Manning
Dirk Manning writes for Bleeding Cool; Back in September 2010 Bleeding Cool first broke the news of a TRANSMETROPOLITAN Tribute book for 2011…ish. With the book finished and on the verge of (a very limited) release, Project Manager Susan Augér (who donated her time as a freelance volunteer unaffiliated with the Hero Initiative and CBLDF) and book[...]
Transmetropolitan Bill Posters Take Manhattan
Real life Transmetropolitan bill posters posted up in New York on the corner of W 26th st and 8th, created for the Transmet Art Book by Matthew Borgatti Featuring Ebola Cola, and presidential ads for The Smiler and The Beast… Yes, that's more like it Real life Transmetropolitan bill posters posted up in New York[...]