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The Stand director clarifies Marilyn Manson rumors (Images: Kathy Hutchins & CBS All Access)
When news that "Fantastic Beasts" franchise and Justice League star Ezra Miller had joined CBS All Access' adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand as Randall Flagg's (Alexander Skarsgard) unstable pyromaniac follower Trashcan Man, fans of the novel were pretty excited about the news That said, some chatter resulted from it over whether or not rock[...]
The Stand (Screencap Image: CBS All Access)
On Wednesday, EW revealed that Ezra Miller is joining the 9-episode limited series standoff between the forces of light (Whoopi Goldberg's Mother Abagail) and darkness (Alexander Skarsgard's Randall Flagg)- with Miller taking on the role of Trashcan Man, an unstable pyromaniac who joins Flagg's group in "New Vegas." A look at The Stand (Screencap Image: CBS All[...]