No More Umbral – Would It Have Succeeded If Rascal Had Been Male?

The 12th issue of Image comic book Umbral, by Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, Jordan Boyd and Thomas Mauer was published at the end of January But no subsequent issue has been solicited since.Bleeding Cool has said about the series, "if you’re a fan of anyone involved or fantasy fiction that’s red in tooth and claw, this is absolutely for you[...]

Things To Do In London If You Like Cool Image Comics

Writer of The Fuse and Umbral from Image Comics, Antony Johnston, will be having a grand signing on August 30th at Forbidden Planet Megastore, London, from 3 to 4PM He will be celebrating the release of The Fuse: Volume One: The Russia Shift and Umbral: Volume One: Out of the Shadows.For The Fuse, there will[...]

Image Watch – Talking Umbral And 'Playing With Magic Words' With Antony Johnston

By David DissanayakeAntony Johnston and Christopher Mitten’s fantastic series Umbral from Image Comics begins its second arc in today’s issue #7.  I’ve been a big supporter of this creative duo since Wasteland, one of the first ongoing series I started following on a regular basis.Worldbuilders of the highest order, the Johnston/Mitten duo bring that rare[...]

Bleeding Cool's Purple-tastic Teaser For Umbral Book 2 Starting This Week

It's nearly here--the second arc of Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten's Image Series Umbral, arriving this comic book day to great anticipation titled "Killing the Sunrise" And because he's a lovely fellow, Antony Johnston has sent Bleeding Cool our very own teaser image that's all ours It's swirly, and purple, and rather fantastic.  And here[...]

5 Things About Umbral Issue # 4 – From Pirate Ships To Clever Rascal

By Alasdair Stuart Umbral doesn’t just remain one of the best books on Image’s massively impressive current roster, it keeps getting better The latest issue is crammed full of ideas, neat visuals and hugely confident, involving fantasy I loved every panel, but here the 5 things I was especially fond of.1.     ‘Space is proper fucked up.’I[...]

Antony Johnston Shares His Own Writers Notes For Umbral #3 With Bleeding Cool

By Alasdair StuartHere we are again, with the writer’s notes for Umbral Issue # 3 I’m an absolute sucker for stuff like this as it’s always interesting to see behind the curtain, especially for a book as meticulously planned as this one Although in this case, of course, what’s behind the curtain has very large[...]

5 Things About Umbral Issue #3- From Wrong Reactions to Mistwalkers

By Alasdair Stuart Image book Umbral has been impressive from the get go, but, as this issue shows, it’s definitely starting to pick up the pace, and scale, of events The third issue does some classic arc plotting stuff; answering questions, providing new questions and shifting the plot up a couple of gears It’s great stuff,[...]

Antony Johnston Schools You On Reality Of Comic Book Marketplace

Antony Johnston (no relation) has a new Image comic book out, Umbral He's also been looking at the numbers coming in On Tumblr, he writes,For Umbral #1, 70% of our orders came from less than 30% of Diamond accounts That’s every store that ordered 10 or more copies.If you move that threshold up to 20 copies,[...]

Five Thoughts About Umbral, A Dirty-Fingernailed Fantasy

By Alasdair Stuart:I really liked the first issue of Umbral Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, John Rauch and Thomas Mauer’s new fantasy series is brutal, dirty-fingernailed fantasy of a sort that doesn’t get enough press Following Rascal, a female thief who sees something horrific begin its invasion of her kingdom and her friends, the book is[...]

Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres

As welcome as this would probably be as a film treatment, this first issue alone strongly suggests that there are things that comics can simply do better, and should.Umbral is out this week from Image, a “dark fantasy” according to ads, and its “scribe” is Antony Johnston, “Illuminator” is Christopher Mitten, “Painter” is John Rauch,[...]