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Super7 Collage UM 1
I was impressed (although I really wanted one of the Frankenstein lighters…anyone got one?) and have been patiently waiting for the first wave of products to go up for order…and now they are here! Let's take a look at the first wave of Super7 Universal Monsters ReAction figures, the first two Super7 Superbuckets, and one of[...]
Funko's ReAction Universal Monsters Figures Are Here, And They're Spectacular
Others have pointed out some slightly dodgy quality control, pointing to some messy paint applications, online images of Terminator endoskeletons with one fragile arm broken off (the same thing happened to my Kenner IG-88 figure as a youth, though), or the Snake Plissken I saw in Toys-R-Us with a sadly misaligned neck joint (he looked[...]