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NBC's 'Manifest' Allows Viewers to Board Early with Release of Opening Act [WATCH]

ET/PT on NBC:https://youtu.be/41hFvHuzkl0Of course, if you need to watch intro again and you don't have easy access to this article (not going to get into why you didn't bookmark it), no worries because NBCUniversal has you covered by making it available across a righteous number of platforms, including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram TV, the NBC[...]

Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown Returns To Save World In Blu-ray Teaser

Universal Picture Home Entertainment has released a teaser for Doc Brown Saves the World, a short starring Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown returning from some time in a rebuilt DeLorean. The short will be included on the 30th Anniversary release of the Back to the Future Trilogy. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gpzJ_s3CrE[/youtube] In lieu of hoverboards and self-lacing […]