Steelbook Heaven: Alex Ross Art Adorns New Universal Monsters Blu Ray Steelbooks

Steelbook Heaven: Alex Ross Art Adorns New Universal Monsters Blu Ray Steelbooks

As a collector of many things, I am a complete packaging nerd. And one of those types of packaging is steelbooks. I have purchased many a steelbook for films I could care less about just because they have a nice looking steelbook package. And let me tell you, the steelbooks that I am showing you here, that will not be the case.

Universal is releasing a wave of steelbooks, exclusive to Best Buy in the states, honoring the classic Universal Monster films we all know and love. And the steelbooks will be be extra special, as each features gorgeous, jaw-dropping black and white artwork by the one and only Alex Ross. Sure, these are like the 1,845 version of these films to be put out on disc, and the discs inside as far as I can tell are no different than the ones we have gotten previously. But would you look at that art!!!

Looks like there will be seven steelbooks in all: The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and The Bride of Frankenstein. There is no word on if these will have a glossy or matte finish, but they will have a digital copy included inside. These are also seeing releases in other countries and regions, but no word yet except in Germany where they will be available.

Now, these will also be single disc releases and not collection of each monsters respective series sets, so you will only get the first classic film for each monster. And personally, I am ok with that. I am not pulling out these to watch on a regular basis. I will be double-dipping on buying these based on the artwork alone. This may be my favorite artwork from Ross I have ever seen, which is saying something with an artist of his caliber. Ar $20 a movie, it is a bit steep, but I gotta believe they will go on sale a bit and there will be bundle deals closer to the release date.

You can find these in stores on September 12, and you can preorder all of them right now here.




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