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Mantic and Red Scar Publishing Announce Kings of War Role Playing Game
Mantic's Kings of War franchise has already enjoyed a considerable amount of success, first as a massive, rank-and-flank miniatures wargame, then a series of fiction books, the Dungeon Saga series, and then the Vanguard skirmish game, which allows small groups of brave warriors to clash over objectives that can influence later Kings of War games. Courtesy[...]
Vanguard – British Superheroes to Save the Day!
By Joe Glass Dan Butcher, creator and artist of UK webcomic series Vanguard, has put together a collected edition of his British superheroes series. Set in the near future, Vanguard features a small team of genetically-engineered super-humans who are employed by the British government at home and abroad to protect the nation's interests Set mainly in the[...]