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CGC Insider
This week, CGC Primary Grader Matt Nelson discusses the effect of reader's creases on comic book grading. Part of the CGC Insider video series.
Walking Around Baltimore Comic-Con – Vintage Comics Edition Part 1
 Owner Rick Whitelock has a comprehensive knowledge of the vintage comics market, and is always happy to talk about what's hot and what's not when you stop by his booth  Ask him what he likes about Batman #47 — I happen to see he's got three copies lined up there — or what he thinks[...]
heritage auctions
From a collector's standpoint, one of the best parts of any major convention is walking around the booths of vintage comics dealers and checking out what they've got It's not something that always gets the coverage it deserves amidst the spectacle of a show like the San Diego Comic-Con, and that's too bad Even if[...]
Bid Now To Own DC's First Comic!
The comic that pre dates DC (and all their heroes), a rare find in the comic collecting world. Will you be the new owner for this book?
The Doctor Strange Of 1867
I bought this for cheap on a whim recently, because the image is so interesting, but it turned out to be far more fascinating than I thought it might be.